Project Support

Project Support for : Ph.D/M.E/M.Tech/M.Phil/B.E/B.Tech/MCA/Msc/Diploma

Department : Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Electronics


  1. How to Use Google App Engine for Free Computing
  2. Solar-Powered Cloud Computing Datacenters
  3. The Insecurity of Cloud Utility Models
  4. Using Model Checking to Evaluate Live Migrations
  5. Energy-Efficient Virtual Machine Consolidation
  6. Using Cloud Computing to Implement a Security Overlay Network
  7. Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing
  8. Security Challenges in Vehicular Cloud Computing
  9. Fault Tolerance Management in Cloud Computing: A System-Level Perspective
  10. Secure Logging As a Service—Delegating Log Management to the Cloud
  11. Winds of Change: From Vendor Lock-In to the Meta Cloud
  12. A Green Software Development Life Cycle for Cloud
  13. The Threat in the Cloud
  14. A Cloud Computing Based Telemedicine Service
  15. Govcloud: Using Cloud Computing in Public Organizations
  16. Development and deployment of cloud services via abstraction layer
  17. Cost and Efficiency-based Scheduling on a General Framework Combining between Cloud Computing and Local Thick Clients
  18. The Determinant of Adoption in Cloud Computing in Vietnam
  19. Beyond the Cloud: Cyberphysical Systems
  20. A Study on method deploying efficient Cloud Service Framework in the Public Sector
  21. Survey on Middleware Systems in Cloud Computing Integration
  22. An Issue of Network Coordinate System An Impact and Evaluation of Temporal Latency Variation
  23. Towards practical privacy-preserving Digital Rights Management for Cloud Computing
  24. The AppScale Cloud Platform
  25. Time-Outing Internet Services
  26. An Approach with Two-Stage Mode to Detect Cachebased Side Channel Attacks
  27. A Solution of Thin-Thick Client Collaboration for Data Distribution and Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing
  28. A Study of Secure Data Transmissions in Mobile Cloud Computing From the Energy Consumption Side
  29. An Intelligent Approach for Virtual Machine and QoS Provisioning in Cloud Computing
  30. Security Tactics for Secured Cloud Computing Resources
  31. Applying a Cloud Computing Approach to Storage Architectures for Spacecraft
  32. A New Framework to Integrate Wireless Sensor Networks with Cloud Computing
  33. A Scheme for Collecting Anonymous Data
  34. Hardware Loads and Power Consumption in Cloud Computing Environments
  35. Metaheuristic Scheduling for Cloud: A Survey
  36. Heterogeneity in Mobile Cloud Computing: Taxonomy and Open Challenges
  37. A Fault Tolerent Approach in Scientific Workflow Systems based on Cloud Computing
  38. E-Healthcare Cloud Computing Application Solutions
  39. Elastic Optical Networking and Low-Latency High-Radix Optical Switches for Future Cloud Computing
  40. Instance and Value (IVH) Algorithm and Dodging Dependency for Scheduling Multiple Instances in Hybrid Cloud Computing
  41. Light-weight Operation of a Failover System for Cloud Computing
  42. Pics-On-Wheels: Photo Surveillance in the Vehicular Cloud
  43. Pre-emptive Scheduling of On-line Real Time Services With Task Migration for Cloud Computing
  44. Quality Assessment in the Cloud: is it worthwhile?
  45.  Survivable Cloud Networking Services
  46. Migrating Android applications towards service-centric architectures with Sip2Share
  47. Seamless and Non-Contact Health Monitoring System in Cloud Computing
  48. User Adaptive Application Program Management among Multidevices for Personal Cloud Computing Services
  49. A “Cloud Lifestyle”: The Diffusion of Cloud Computing Applications and the Effect of Demographic and Lifestyle Clusters
  50. A Case Study on Algebraic Specification of Cloud Computing
  51. A Decentralized Information Flow Model for SaaS Application Security
  52. A designing and research of future classroom learning support system based on cloud computing technology
  53. A Fair Hash Chain-based On-line Application Services Granting Scheme for Cloud Computing Environment
  54. A Log-based Approach to Make Digital Forensics Easier on Cloud Computing
  55. A Path to Socio-Economic Development Using Cloud Computing
  56. Analysis to the Weaknesses and Safety in Cloud Computing
  57. Cloud Computing for Green Construction Management
  58. Cloud-Based Virtual Computing Laboratories
  59. Cloudrise: Exploring Cloud Computing Adoption and Governance With the TOE Framework
  60. Collaboration in Multicloud Computing Environments: Framework and Security Issues
  61. Co-Operative Infrastructures: An Economic Model for Providing Infrastructures for Social Cloud Computing
  62. Does cloud computing matter? An analysis of the cloud model software-as-a-service And its impact on operational agility
  63. Effect of R&D Tax Credit on the cost-metrics of cloud computing A case study from France
  64. HTML 5 in Mobile Devices – Drivers and Restraints
  65. Impacts of Virtualization Technologies on Hadoop
  66. Introduction to Secure Cloud Computing mini-track
  67. Introduction to the Cloud Service Science & Systems Minitrack
  68. Introduction to the Decision Analytics, Mobile and Service Science Track (DA/MS/SS)
  69. New Directions in Collaboration and Social Networks
  70. Opportunity Discovery and Creation in Cloud Computing
  71. Prediction-Based Dynamic Resource Allocation for Video Transcoding in Cloud Computing
  72. Preliminary requirements on trusted third parties for service transactions in cloud environments
  73. Role of Standards in Cloud-Computing Interoperability
  74. SecMon: A Secure Introspection Framework for Hardware
  75. System Power Model and Virtual Machine Power Metering for Cloud Computing Pricing
  76. The Influences of Cloud Computing to the Traditional Software Project and our Corresponding Strategies
  77. Using Smartphones as a Proxy for Forensic Evidence contained in Cloud Storage Services