Project Support

Project Support for : Ph.D/M.E/M.Tech/M.Phil/B.E/B.Tech/MCA/Msc/Diploma

Department : Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Electronics


  1. The Method of Android Application Speed up by using ND
  2. Telespiro: a low-cost mobile spirometer for resource-limited settings
  3.  Developing a NFC Based Patient Identification and Ward Round System for Mobile Devices Using the Android Platform
  4.  An Embedded System for Automatic Classification of Neonatal Cry
  5.    Mobile Based Wound Measurement
  6.  QoS-QoE Correlation Neural Network Modeling for Mobile Internet Services
  7.  Applying Relay Attacks to Google Wallet
  8.  Mobile Ticketing with NFC management for transport companies. Problems and solutions
  9.  OPEN-SNEP Project: enabling P2P over NFC using NPP and SNEP
  10.  Robot Embodiment, Operator Modality, and Social Interaction in Tele-Existence: A Project Outline
  11.  The Influence of Robot Appearance on Assessment
  12. Elementary Science Lesson Delivered by Robot
  13. Tell Me Your Story, Robot
  14.  Design of Human Likeness in HRI from Uncanny Valley to Minimal Design
  15.  Performance Analysis of VoIP Client with Integrated Encryption Module
  16.  A Network Device Simulator in Android Platform 
  17. Ecosystem Analysis in the Design of Open Platformbased In-Home Healthcare Terminals towards the Internet –of Things 
  18. Mobile Accounting Version 1 
  19. Contents Distribution to Android Clients Using Wireless LAN Multicast for a Large Fireworks Festival 
  20. Implementation of Continuous HTTP Live Streaming using Playback Position Request Mechanism in Heterogeneous Networks
  21.  Do Android Users Write About Electric Sheep?
  22.  Denial of Convenience Attack to Smartphones Using a Fake Wi-Fi Access Point 
  23. Analysis of Synchronization Issues for Live Video-Context Transmission Service 
  24. Experience with Collaborative Conferencing Applications in Named-Data Networks
  25.  CCN Networking Architecture for Mobile Applications
  26.  A New Posture Monitoring System for Preventing Physical Illness of Smartphone Users
  27.  TrafficCam: Sharing Traffic Information based on Dynamic IPv6 Multicast Group Assignment using Smartphone Sensors
  28.  SDNAN: Software-Defined Networking in Ad hoc Networks of Smartphones
  29.  Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Sensors
  30.  Enhancing Application Performance by Memory Partitioning in Android Platforms 
  31. AccelDroid: Co-designed Acceleration of Android Bytecode
  32.  Fingerprinting Smartphones Remotely via ICMP Timestamps
  33.  Remote Monitoring System of ECG and Body Temperature Signals 
  34. Educational application of Remote Experimentation for mobile devices 
  35. Identification of Facial Features on Android Platforms
  36.  The Smartphone Accessory Heart Rate Monitor
  37.  FM 99.9, Radio Virus: Exploiting FM Radio Broadcasts for Malware Deployment
  38.  iPainRelief –A Pain Asse ssment and Management App for a Smart phone Implementing Sensors and Soft Computing Tools
  39.  Video Surveillance System And Content Sharing Between PC And Mobile Using Android
  40.  Online Estimation of the Remaining Energy Capacity in Mobile Systems Considering System-Wide Power Consumption and Battery Characteristics
  41.  Nagios-Based Network Management for Android, Windows and Fedora Core Terminals Using Net-SNMP Agents
  42.  Collaborative Learning Assistant for Android
  43.  MeetYou – Social Networking on Android
  44.  Infotainment Services Based on Push-Mode Dissemination in an Integrated VANET and 3G Architecture
  45.  MCC-OSGi: An OSGi-based Mobile Cloud Service Model
  46.  A Fast Motion Deblurring Based on the Motion Blur Region Search for a Mobile Phone
  47.  A Neural Network Approach to Category Validation of Android Applications
  48.  An Empirical Analysis of Bug Reports and Bug Fixing in Open Source Android Apps
  49.  ECA-based Control Interface on Android for Home Automation System
  50.  Energy and Latency Impact of Outsourcing Decisions in Mobile Image Processing
  51.  Energy Efficient Video Decoding f or the Android Operating System 
  52. Enhancing Application Performance by Memory Partitioning in Android Platforms
  53.  Flexible Computing for Personal Electronic Devices
  54.  Identifying and Quantifying the Android Device Users’ Security Risk Exposure
  55.  Implementation and Verification of a Platform for Bluetooth Linked
  56.  Migrating Android applications towards service-centric architectures with Sip2Share
  57.  Practical Provably Secure Key Sharing for Near Field Communication Devices 
  58. TV-centric Gaming Application s for Android OS: Architecture and a Framework
  59.  WiCUBIC: Enhanced CUBIC TCP for Mobile Devices